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Employer OJT Application

Training in Idaho
Jobs in Idaho

How Do OJT's Benefit You?

  • Equus brings you qualified, ready to start workers.

  • You interview and select from our pool of workers who best fit your needs.

  • Customize training your own way, at your workplace.

  • Equus reimburses you for up to 50% of wages each month during the training period (up to 6 months or $5000).

  • You get more staff, increasing your company's productivity.

  • OJT Workers get support from Equus to purchase tools, uniforms and required supplies required for them to be successful at your company.

  • Applying is a simple process, with minimal paperwork.


Employer OJT Application
Company Information:
Open Positions Information:
Do any of these positions require a background check?
Do any of these positions require a certificaton?
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