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Orientation Video

Please watch the below WIOA Orientation Video to help you better understand if you are eligible for our program.

Training in Idaho
Services in Idaho
Apply for the WIOA program here!
Thank you for taking the time to complete this orientation and application!
This application, along with it's questions and your answers, will serve as your confirmation you have completed the WIOA orientation as well as confirm you are interested in applying for our services.

If you are an individual who may need accommodations and/or assistance with completing this application, or if you simply have questions,  please give us a call (208) 523-3507. You can also email us at
By marking the response below, you are confirming that you have watched/completed the above orientation video.

For the questions below,
Please select the best answer that applies to you:

Yes = this applies to me
No = this does not apply to me

I am a veteran that has served 180 consecutive days or more as Active Duty.
Have you separated from military service in the last 4 years?
I am currently homeless.
I have a disability.
(If you are a veteran) My Character of Discharge was "Honorable".
I am receiving Public Assistance (eg. SNAP or TANF).
I have a criminal record.
I am receiving Unemployment Benefits.
I am a single parent (includes single and pregnant).
PLEASE ADVISE - By selecting "I Agree" below, you are simply acknowledging your acceptance of receiving email communication upon completion of this form. Please check your email for this communicaton. You may need to check your "Spam" email inbox.
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